We are the supplier of 06mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, crystal clear tempered glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, stained glass, sandblasted glass, acid etched glass, fused glass, back painted glass , splash backs, double glazed units, frameless glass doors & partitions, shower enclosures, table tops, architectural laminated glass, decorative laminated glass, silver mirrors, tinted mirrors.


Through intense heating and rapid cooling, tempered glass is manufactured, making it harder and stronger than normal glass. Customization works such as cutting, grinding and hole-drilling on the glass have to be done prior to tempering. With years of experience in both commercial and residential projects, we have helped many owners in beautifying their homes, offices and showrooms by setting up tempered glass panels in places such as balcony, staircase, bathroom, wardrobe, storage room, entrance and many other customized applications. 

Some common applications include glass doors, mirrors in bedroom and bathroom, staircase, shower screen, glass window, table tops and furniture. Come and see the wide selection in our showroom or discuss with our Interior Designers for customization projects.